LBS’ 21st Africa Business Summit

The Wheeler Institute is inspired by the purpose and passion of our students, who are focused on applying innovative thinking in the area of business for development. We seek collaborations with student clubs that aim to reshape the way we think about business. The initiatives that we support allow students to apply their business skills and knowledge in complex real-world environments, whilst creating a positive and sustainable impact for local organisations and communities.

LBS’ 21st Africa Business Summit

We are proud to sponsor and support LBS’ 21st Africa Business Summit this year.

The LBS Africa Business Summit is a student-led initiative that has become a prominent forum in Europe for discussing Africa’s future. It attracts over 500 attendees including investors, policymakers, business leaders, professionals, diaspora, students, alumni, and other individuals with a passion for business in Africa.​

This year’s theme “The Future of Africa” will include keynote speakers and interactive discussions with from BBC Africa, M-KOPA, Mastercard Foundation, ACEEVA Consulting and others to discuss the future of Africa.

Date: Saturday 20 May 2023
Location: Nuffield Hall, North Building, London Business School

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