African History through the Lens of Economics

African History through the Lens of Economics is an open-access online lecture series covering recent contributions in economic history that, using geospatial data from anthropological maps, colonial archives and secondary sources, explores current economic and development challenges by drawing parallels between the past and present. This lecture series has attracted interest from 27,000+ participants from over 160 countries and includes presentations from leading experts and scholars across economics, history, political science, cultural anthropology, business and psychology. The lecture series includes 24 sessions, which were all delivered live during 11 weeks, from February to April 2022. Please register below to receive the course materials including recordings of the sessions, lecture slides and weekly Q&A documents. The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development takes your privacy seriously. Please note that by registering your details you are agreeing to the London Business School privacy policy and may receive promotional emails from the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development. You may opt-out at any time, please contact