• Populism: Then and Now
    This event has now passed. We live in a polarised world. Citizens, entrepreneurs, and business have an increasingly complex social and political environment. Populist movements, often stemming from inequities and cultural divides, with their broad appeal and often divisive policies, exert a significant influence on business landscapes. Even global geopolitics appear to reflect deeper fault … Read more
  • African History through the Lens of Economics lecture series wins EEA Award for Innovation in Teaching
    We are incredibly proud to announce that the African History through the Lens of Economics lecture series has been awarded the European Economic Association’s Award for Innovation in Teaching. The EEA aims to contribute to the development and application of economics, improve communication and exchange between educators, researchers, and students in economics in different countries, … Read more
  • Anatolia Imprints: Chronicling the Lasting Legacy of Greek Refugees from Asia Minor
    At the crossroads of history, where displacement and the repercussions of refugee flows intersect with economic, political, and social dynamics, the Refugees of the Mediterranean research project, led by Elias Papaioannou, Co-Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development and Professor of Economics at London Business School, and Stelios Michalopoulos, Eastman Professor of Economics at Brown University, … Read more
  • Religion and educational mobility in Africa: A landmark study published in ‘Nature’
    Education has long been recognized as a key driver of development and empowerment in Africa. However, the impact of religion on educational mobility has remained a topic of concern and debate. In a landmark study published in Nature, called Religion and educational mobility in Africa, Elias Papaioannou, Alberto Alesina, Sebastian Hohmann, and Stelios Michalopoulos, supported … Read more
  • Highlighting research for impact
    Wheeler Institute launches new micro website showcasing business research with a focus on development. The Wheeler Institute has launched a micro website under the banner ‘Business research for impact’. Spanning every urgent social issue from climate change to political economy and gender discrimination to global conflict, the new microsite brings together the Institute’s research into … Read more
  • Introducing our 2022 pre-doctoral research assistants
    The Wheeler Institute is delighted to welcome three new pre-doctoral researchers. They reveal what brought them to London Business School and what they hope to achieve in their research.