Our Initiatives


We help forge communities of practice across business, government and civil society. Together, these communities have the skills, ideas and energy to create impact and lasting change.

  • Supporting entrepreneurs in informal ecosystems: Lessons from Alexandra
    In our first two articles about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Alexandra, we explored the typical challenges faced by microentrepreneurs and informal entrepreneurs operating in South African townships, before looking at the institutional ecosystem in which these entrepreneurs operate. Our third and final post in this 3-part series will explore the way forward: Can the disconnect … Read more
  • Mapping the SMME Ecosystem in informal markets: Learnings from Alexandra
    Our previous post on informal entrepreneurship in Alexandra focused on the typical challenges encountered by mainly informal entrepreneurs and microbusiness owners. This second post will focus on the supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem: Who are the key role players, and what kind of support is available to a typical entrepreneur in Alex? Does this ecosystem provide what … Read more
  • Understanding the key challenges of entrepreneurs in informal markets: Learnings from Alexandra
    This is the first article of a 3-part series on informal entrepreneurship in emerging markets, based on empirical research conducted in the township of Alexandra in Johannesburg, South Africa. Elizabeth Mogale* (not her real name), a 48-year old mother of four, grills chickens on the pavement of 12th avenue in Alexandra, one of Johannesburg’s most … Read more

African History through the Lens of Economics

The course combines insights into cutting-edge research with the establishment of a community, working together to identify evidence-based practices to address the challenges of economic development in Africa.

  • African History through the Lens of Economics lecture series wins EEA Award for Innovation in Teaching
    We are incredibly proud to announce that the African History through the Lens of Economics lecture series has been awarded the European Economic Association’s Award for Innovation in Teaching. The EEA aims to contribute to the development and application of economics, improve communication and exchange between educators, researchers, and students in economics in different countries, … Read more
  • Challenging our WEIRD perspective on African development
    African History through the Lens of Economics, an innovative, open-access, online course which attracted over 27,000 people from across the world, explored how history has shaped and continues to influence domestic policies and economic development in Africa. A reflective essay by David Jones, MBA 2022 graduate from London Business School and intern at the Wheeler … Read more
  • Leonard Wantchekon’s Personal Perspectives on African History and Economics
    African History through the Lens of Economics: An introduction to African development and history Leonard Wantchekon, James Madison Professor of Political Economy and Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University and Founder and President of the African School of Economics and the Pan African Scientific Research Council, was a regular presence in the … Read more

Rethinking Capitalism

Our Rethinking Capitalism series invites distinguished guests and thought leaders to contribute to the fundamental debates and conversations happening around the world today. 

  • Rethinking Capitalism: In Conversation with Daron Acemoglu
    The Wheeler Institute at the London Business School was proud to host Daron Acemoglu for a presentation on his and Simon Johnson’s latest book, Power and Progress: Our Thousand-Year Struggle Over Technology and Prosperity, followed by a discussion with London Business School professor Andrew J Scott. The event, attended by more than 600 people in … Read more
  • Rethinking Capitalism with Oded Galor
    Oded Galor, Herbert Goldberger Professor of Economics at Brown University, joined Elias Papaioannou, Co-Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute and Professor of Economics at London Business School for the fifth event in the Wheeler Institute’s Rethinking Capitalism series. Professor Galor’s latest book ‘The Journey of Humanity’ explores the evolution of human societies since the emergence … Read more
  • The changing role of government in a vaccinated world
    What are the challenges for global markets as the world recovers from COVID-19? And what impact will the rising levels of government debt have on inequality and fiscal policy? In a wide-ranging conversation about the future of the capitalism, Gita Gopinath, Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund, talks with Professor Elias Papaioannou, Co-Academic Director … Read more

Climate Initiative

We believe in the power of business to help society ameliorate and adapt to climate change. Through collaborations, events, and our Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BS4CL) partnership, we bring together powerful ideas in a forum to communicate and exchange climate insights.

  • In Conversation with Christos Stylianides: Understanding the global consequences of climate change
    The Wheeler Institute for Business and Development were honoured to welcome Christos Stylianides, Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection of Greece, for a discussion with Ioannis Ioannou, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LBS about the initiatives that are being undertaken for the prevention, preparedness and resilience of natural disaster management whilst offering … Read more
  • COP15: Challenges and Opportunities in Mobilising the Private Sector
    COP15: Challenges and Opportunities in Mobilising the Private Sector A London Business School webinar part of the Business Schools for Climate Leadership initiative. Scientific evidence shows that climate change is unequivocally caused by human activity and its effects are noticeable across the world. Addressing this emergency will require radical changes in our use of land … Read more
  • The Role of DFIs In Facilitating A Private Sector Green Recovery
    In a thought-provoking discussion organized for the 3’rd Annual PSDRN Conference and facilitated by Nancy Lee, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, panellists discuss their respective organizations’ efforts and ideas for tackling common issues faced by development finance institutions (DFI) as they attempt to sustainably deploy capital to enact the green recovery. … Read more