Equality of Opportunity—and What Business Can Do About It

On Wednesday 6 June, 2018 the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, in collaboration with the LBS Economics Subject Area and the LBS Business & Government Club, was pleased to host world-leading economist Raj Chetty to present on the pressing issue of social mobility and equality of opportunity.

Raj Chetty was discussing his path-breaking research on inequality and intergenerational mobility, widely featured by prestigious journals such as The Economist and the Financial Times. He has been awarded the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship and the John Bates Clark medal for the best American economist under age 40. His work challenges the narrative of the American Dream and shows important restrictions on social mobility in the US, due to factors such as education, race, and parent’s income. His results show that US social mobility fell by more than 70 per cent in the past half-century. How do these conditions affect business? And while a response is most often expected from a public policy perspective, what can business contribute to address this challenge?

Learn more about Social mobility and the fading American Dream.

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