Business and Fragile States

State fragility drives some of the biggest problems in our world today: extreme poverty, mass migration, terrorism, trafficking, and more. Why are some countries ‘fragile’, chronically affected by insecurity and political and economic instability? How can private initiatives contribute to better outcomes?

On 8 and 9 October, 2019 the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development provided a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this complex topic by dedicating a two-day conference to the role of business in the context of conflict or substantial political instability, in post-conflict environments, and in weakly institutionalised regions of otherwise stable countries.

High-profile business leaders, acclaimed academics and representatives of influential NGOs and policy organisations came together to involve in action-oriented discussions on the importance of business and good governance in fragile contexts.

Read more about the conference and our outstanding speakers on our event website Business and Fragile States 2018.

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