Voice of the Village: Rural health services during COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, policy makers have invested heavily in driving behaviour change to reduce transmission of the virus and save lives amongst the population. Rural communities are caught in-between the dual pressures of saving lives while sustaining their livelihoods. Often rural communities and their leaders have devised innovative solutions to solve this dilemma.

Join rural women entrepreneurs, the Wheeler Institute, Dharma Life, Pathfinder International, and a network of global partners to identify and discuss challenges faced by rural communities. Some questions we will discuss during this 70-minute virtual discussion include:

  • How do we deal with the threat of community transmission where livelihoods take priority?
  • How can we enable community owned and community driven approaches in battling the pandemic?
  • How can we ensure access to essential non-COVID-19 related health services such as family planning and reproductive health?
  • What role does technology play in these efforts?

Hear directly from these changemakers of the We-for-Village Alliance, which connects rural communities and international stakeholders digitally. The Alliance helps vulnerable groups such as women, migrant workers, the elderly, and children with critical information, essential goods, services, and life-altering skills. Over a million people have already benefited from the efforts of the Alliance as it moves from a successful pilot to scale up.

Wednesday 2 December, 11:30 am GMT

About Dharma Life Labs and the Voice of the Village Event Series: Dharma Life Labs is a rural innovation lab with a focus on driving inclusive progress. A collaboration between Dharma Life, the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at the London Business School and Siriti, the Lab leverages local relationships, digital connectedness and real-time insights to drive impact at scale. The insights from our work are brought alive through a series of virtual roundtables – the “Voice of the Village” – which bring together the rural community with global partners as equals. The objective of these roundtables is to create inclusive communities of practice to help villagers lead themselves and their communities on the path of progress.

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