When business makes a difference: India, Covid-19 and why it matters to us all

A recording and supporting article for this event is available here.

Although much has been said in international media about what is happening in India, the role and response of business remains little discussed.

Through a moderated conversation we will discuss the important questions: What is the role of business in responding to the social and economic challenges created by Covid-19? What works, what does not? What lessons can we learn from the experience of business responses to Covid-19? Lessons from India? Lessons for India?


  • Manish Sabharwal is co-founder and chairman of TeamLease Services. He is currently a Member of the Central Advisory Board on Education in the Ministry of Human Resources and Member of Advisory Board of Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Manish also served as a former Independent Director on the Board of the Reserve Bank of India. Prior to TeamLease, he co-founded IndiaLife Hewitt and ICap India.
  • Vikram Jain is a Managing Director at FSG based in Mumbai. He is passionate about scaling nascent industries that benefit the lives of urban families with low-income. Vikram leverages his 25 years of experience across operations, strategy and technology consulting, and global development to scale industries. Prior to FSG, Vikram worked with Monitor Inclusive Markets (MIM) as the lead of the low-income housing practice. He also worked with McKinsey & Company, Deloitte Consulting and US Interactive.
  • John Fairhurst is the Head of Private Sector Engagement at The Global Fund. He leads work to engage the private sector in supporting the Global Funds mission to eliminate HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. This includes innovative finance models, technology and the contribution of other capabilities and assets, as well as philanthropy. Prior to this John was an Executive Director at UBS Optimus and the COO at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.
  • Kimberly Brown is Head of Mobile for Humanitarian Innovation at GSMA. Previously, she was the Head of Humanitarian Policy at the British Red Cross, where she led the department responsible for policy, advocacy, and research on international humanitarian issues. In July 2020, Kimberly completed an Executive MBA at London Business School.


  1. Bahjat Zayed


    My background is mainly in the oil & gas and energy area. Although India smartly stacked up on cheap oil stocks when the barrel was in the 30s and 40s US dollars, it would be interesting to know if that was realized as a benefit to leverage business and economic relief.

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