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Marketing has the power to improve lives, sustain livelihoods, strengthen societies, and benefit the world at large. At the same time, marketing can have a dark sideā€”it has the power to hurt consumers, employees, communities, markets, institutions, and the environment that surrounds us.

The Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing on Better Marketing for a Better World (BMBW) brings together wide-ranging research to assess, illuminate, and debate whether, when, and how marketing contributes to a better world. Join the BMBW initiative, authors of the JM Special Issue and practioners in June and July 2021 for a series of four forums:

In the first hour, the authors will discuss the inspiration for their research, the implications of their findings for practice, and ideas for future research. In the second hour, you will be invited to participate in an intimate discussion and networking opportunity with the authors and other scholars and practioners.

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  1. Bahjat Zayed


    The challenge of creating marketing messages that stem from the heart and succeed in leveling with the youngsters who continually evolve to be smarter and more resourceful is real and y to timely in my opinion.

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