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Apply now for research funding from the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development

Deadline for proposal submission is Monday, 30 November 2020 at 16:59 PM GMT.

A primary objective of the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development is to stimulate and support research at the intersection of business and development, with a particular emphasis on research in the developing world. Our ambition is to be a pre-eminent hub for trusted insights on business solutions to development challenges. We are impartial, academically rigorous and take a systemic view on problems. Our approach is multidisciplinary and problem focused.

Research for impact

The Wheeler Institute aims to promote research that applies business insights to address the world’s most pressing challenges. We are particularly keen on business research that addresses economic and social challenges in the developing world, although we recognise the often inter-connected nature of these challenges, and their linkages to those in the developed world. 

For an illustration of our work, explore the examples showcased on our website and in our most recent Business Research for Impact brochure.


This call for proposals is open to:

  • LBS faculty
  • PhD students
  • Post-doctoral students
  • Research fellows

Funded Activities

The Wheeler Institute supports research with up to £20,000. The type of research activity that we will favour can be sought for:

  • Research costs
    → E.g. research assistance and other expenses incurred in the course of conducting research or processing data.
  • Data acquisition costs
    → We advise to coordinate in advance with the library to obtain appropriate academic quotes, preferred formats,structures for multiple access to the data, etc.
    → It is desirable that applicants seek multi-user licenses to open up datasets for use by other faculty.
  • Conference travel costs
    → We will consider the funding of conference travel costs to support the proposed research.

This is not a closed set of activities. Applications for funding of other activities that are a part of research projects will also be warmly welcomed where these are congruent with the overarching objectives of the Wheeler Institute.

There is a supplementary process for funding ‘revise and resubmits’ requests. These tend to be urgent and typically need small sums, perhaps for further data collection or some RA time. Please note that we will not support research buy-outs and journal submission costs.

Assessment criteria

The Wheeler Institute seeks to support cutting-edge research at the intersection of business and development, with a particular focus on the developing world. Our faculty committee will make the final selection based on the following criteria:

  • Practical contribution
    → Research that offers tangible solutions and has the potential for ‘real world’ impact
  • Theoretical contribution
    → Research that is novel in the way it explores new concepts and approaches
  • Empirical contribution
    → Research that uses an appropriate methodological approach
  • Fit with the Wheeler Institute’s objectives
    → See our strategic one-pager
  • Letter of support 
    → See below

Application Instructions

Please complete the items listed below. Applicants will be able to upload additional documents if their proposal exceeds 6000 characters.

Privacy statement

Research Proposal Form

  • Synopsis (~150-200 words)
  • Practical, theoretical and empirical description of the research (~6000 characters)
    → Relevant background, research methodology, design, data collection and anticipated timelines – and how the research is novel.
    → Please illustrate whether this proposal will generate a new dataset and why it may be a milestone for others, too.
  • The fit with the Wheeler Institute’s mission statement (~150-200 words)
    → See our strategic one-pager
  •  Details of funds requested
    → How funding will be used, including indicative headline budget lines.
    → The wider funding strategy – whether the project has already received some funding and whether our funding may unlock additional sources of support.
  • Publication plan
    → The name of target journal(s) and timeline
  • Acknowledgment
    Applicants should confirm in writing that, in consideration of the support, they agree to the following: 
    → To support the Wheeler Institute to create written and video content, both at the outset of the project and later when results and working papers are available. In common with other of the school’s publications, faculty have editorial rights.
    → To provide a short bi-annual update to be used for the Institute’s submission to the School’s ‘Research Centre Review Committee’ (RCRC).
    → To make us aware of any presentations, working papers and publicity arising from the research. 
    → To acknowledge the Wheeler Institute’s support in publications (“We are grateful to the London Business School’s Wheeler Institute for Business and Development for supporting this research”). 
  • Letter of support
    → A letter of support is compulsory for PhD students, post-doctoral students, research fellows and non-tenure-track faculty whose paper will be solo-authored.
    → The letter should reflect the quality of the proposal by indicating the potential impact and the extent to which it is likely to result in a top-tier publication.


Trias Kolokitha-Schmitz
Research Manager, PhD | Wheeler Institute for Business and Development London Business School | Regent’s Park | London NW1 4SA
D: +44 (0)20 7000 8061  | T: +44 (0)20 7000 7000 |E: | W: Twitter

Deadline for proposal submission is Monday, 30 November 2020 at 16:59 PM GMT.

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