The Sui Foundation gives $1 million gift to the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development

Pioneering Layer 1 blockchain Sui has made a $1 million contribution to the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development to support our mission in new and exciting ways. This donation is a part of London Business School’s ambitious and transformational £200 million fundraising campaign, Forever Forward.

The Sui Foundation is a pioneering blockchain, responsible for a wide range of technical and economic innovations that will help future generations of developers and business leaders to leverage the power of decentralised computing. Together, Sui and the Wheeler Institutewill collaborate to find new ways to support research, forge communities of practice, and shape business education. 

About the Sui Foundation

The Sui Foundation’s mission is to onboard the next billion users to web3 by advancing the global adoption of the Sui blockchain. They are committed to three key decentralisation principles: 

  • Embracing transparency and level the playing field 
    To design programs to allocate and distribute funding in a fair, open, and democratic fashion. The Sui Foundation will create a home for all Sui members and ensure everyone has equal access to its programs and is subject to the same rules. 
  • Communicating openly to build a culture of trust 
    To share Sui foundation decisions and establish a dialogue with the community. The Foundation will err on the side of communicating early to ensure all Sui voices are heard and its operations are aligned with the network’s long-term interest. 
  • Engaging directly with the community 
    To use community participation in its operations and governance — whether it be as reviewers for Foundation Grant Program applications, participants in the Sui Foundation’s stake delegation choice, or other projects. 

Sui Foundation Managing Director Dr Greg Siurounis leads the foundation’s efforts to help grow the Sui Network and its community. A graduate of London Business School’s PhD programme, he also serves as an Assistant Professor in Economic Theory and Policy at the Department of Regional and Economic Studies at Panteion University in Athens, Greece. 
“As the next generation of business and technology leaders prepares to address ever-increasing challenges around the world, it is imperative that we connect them with the forefront of technology solutions,” Dr Siurounis said. 
“Sui is pleased to endow London Business School to give more young leaders access to the tools required for them to implement lasting positive change on a global scale.” 

How will the Sui gift support the Wheeler Institute?

The Sui Foundation’s generous $1 million donation will help the Wheeler Institute’s mission to support an expansive range of research that emphasises business solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.  

Technology plays a multifaceted role in sustainable development, addressing themes such as climate change, poverty alleviation, access to capital and social inclusion. Our 2023/24 Call for Proposals were supported by the Sui Foundation, where we encouraged and supported research at the intersection of business and development, with a particular emphasis on technology as a force for good.  

The Sui Foundation’s gift will allow us to reach wider, more diverse audiences and strengthen our communities of practice. The gift will also help us bring technological and technocratic issues to the forefront of business education, as we seek to instil a focus on development and on the business leaders of tomorrow. 

This donation was featured in Business Wire. For more information, visit the London Business School website.

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