Climate Change and Economic Inequality

The Wheeler Institute recognises Diego Kaenzig’s research. Climate change is the defining problem of our time, posing significant threats not only to our lives, livelihoods and the environment, but also to the global economy. Fighting climate change, however, has proved very difficult because of its global nature and the pervasive externalities involved. Ultimately, climate change…

Wheeler Institute project team collaborates with Dharma Life to transform their model in response to COVID-19

You can see the last time we posted about this project was announcing the project here. COVID-19 has affected many people in many ways in 2020. Geric and I are very lucky that the biggest personal impact has been that our post MBA employment was delayed by six months. When this happened in May, I…

Dharma Life’s Pivot: How a social enterprise is empowering women entrepreneurs and transforming its model in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 poses an immense threat to the people of rural India. This is the case both immediately as a health and wellbeing concern and in the longer term as development issues fail to progress due to a shift in focus and funding. Approximately 400 million people working in the informal economy in India are at risk of falling deeper into poverty due to this crisis. This devastating impact on livelihood could take the lives of more Indians than the disease itself.

Foreign aid through domestic tax reforms?

Evidence from multinational firm presence in developing countries The challenge Multinational firms account for a significant part of resource allocation in the global economy. This is a particularly important issue in developing countries. Multinational firm investment in developing countries can often be associated with growth, however, these firms are often accused of exploiting local markets…

“The pandemic will pass, but understanding and maximising the role that firms and business leaders can play in the developing world will remain a key objective throughout society”

My intention this Easter was to work as a Project Officer with the Wheeler Institute in Bachok District, north-east Malaysia, on an initiative with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. I applied to this position eager to use my newly acquired skills from the London Business School MBA programme to support the launch of a humanitarian emergency field school.