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Wheeler Institute launches new micro website showcasing business research with a focus on development.

The Wheeler Institute has launched a micro website under the banner ‘Business research for impact’. Spanning every urgent social issue from climate change to political economy and gender discrimination to global conflict, the new microsite brings together the Institute’s research into emerging markets and developing nations, with a mini library that enables rapid access to information by key theme, location, affiliated researchers and external collaborators. 

Rajesh Chandy, Academic Director of the Wheeler Institute and Professor of Marketing at London Business School, says the initiative is a new way to highlight cutting-edge research at the intersection of business and development, “Having a profound impact is ingrained in everything we do. The microsite is a very creative way to present both the body of our existing research, which is uniquely cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary, and to highlight new studies that speak to the most urgent issues of the day.” 

The Wheeler Institute currently supports more than 50 research projects and 100plus researchers from leading institutions, amongst them Harvard Business School, MIT, Stanford University and Boston University. This growing portfolio of cutting-edge research aims to shed light on global development issues. 

Trias Kolokitha-Schmitz, Senior Research Manager at the Wheeler Institute, who led the creation of the microsite says, “Above all we wanted to say out loud that all our supported research has a real-world value making it readily accessible, engaging and simple to navigate. Everything is in one place and easily searchable, and we hope it will inspire the research community and business to work together to deliver insights that can impact society positively.”  

Niomie Benjamin, Outreach Director at the Wheeler Institute, believes the site will allow the opportunity to connect rigorous research with wider audiences, from academics, to business practitioners, policymakers and government officials amplifying the extraordinary work from our community of researchers.   

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